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Why I got a DockAtot

Maybe you have read my post on transitioning my baby from the rock-and-play to the crib. If you haven’t it is a must!

If you read you are going to remember that I shared pictures of what I did with Declan’s crib to help him feel the comfort of the rock and play in his crib. I pretty much created a dockatot inside his crib.

So I should you spend the money to get a dockAtot? Here is where it got tricky for me. When Declan was 6 months old we went on a trip where we could not take his crib.

So we took his pack and play and his rock and play. Declan had never slept in a pack and play before so he could not find a comfortable way to sleep there. So we went back to the rock and play.

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See if I had the dock a tot I could’ve just taken that on the trip with us because the bottom is cushioned it would’ve made the pack and play a lot more comfortable and it would’ve also given him the familiar of the crib.

I want to make a side note real quick. One big reason parents buy the dock a tot is for co-sleeping. As I have shared a post on this before I still do NOT recommend the dockAtot for co-sleeping or any kind of co-sleeping.

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Helpful uses for the DockAtot

Helping baby sleep on crib

When a baby is first born it is very hard for them to adjust to the openness of the crib. That is why the borders of the dock a tot are perfect to make the crib feel a little bit closer.

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No matter if the transitions are from the rock and play to the crib, from the crib to a pack and play, or from the crib to a toddler bed. It is always easier when your baby can feel the familiar and cozy.


The bottom of the dockAtot is padded which I love because it adds extra comfort to where your baby is sleeping. Let’s be honest pack and play are not comfortable.

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