Why Should your wake your baby up to feed? How to wake newborn baby to eat?


When Declan was about three months old I post a video on Instagram asking if I should wake him up to eat.

Surprisingly most people said ‘NO’. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise since I always hear when the baby is asleep you let him sleep.

However, it was a surprise for me because I realize most people are not keeping their baby in a schedule.

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Why you should wake your baby up to eat


If you are trying to keep your baby in a schedule a lot of times he won’t know it is time to eat since he is sleeping. Waking him up is very important to keep baby on the schedule.


When I was at the hospital with Declan I tried breastfeeding on demand. Because Declan liked his sleep very much he lost more weight than he should’ve. Once I placed him on a schedule Declan started to gain weight and was thriving.

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How to wake a baby up

you might be confused at this question, but a lot of babies especially when first born won’t wake up by just picking them up.

here are some recommendations from Dr’s and experts

Change his diaper

I think this is the best way to wake a sleepy baby up. It is an activity, especially for a newborn baby. This will also be helpful since you don’t want your baby waking up because he has a dirty diaper.

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Trace his lips with your nipples

This will stimulate the baby to want to eat and will slowly wake him up. This will work with either breastfed or bottle-fed baby.

Take his clothes off

Make sure that the room temperature is good for your baby and that is not too cold. If your baby is in a sleep and play pajama just opening will help.

Pat damp washcloth on his forehead or face

I barely did this one with Declan, because I felt bad for him. However, I have heard a lot of Dr’s and nurses suggesting this and know it has worked for several moms.

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