Sleep!!!! If you have read any of my other blogs posts like how to sleep train your baby, or how to teach your baby to sleep at night, you know something about me. I love my sleep.

Let’s be honest, a tired mom is no good for anyone. Therefore, I do like to create steps that will help my baby get good rest, which consequently gets ME some good rest.

Why should you create a nightly routine for your baby?

I have heard so many controversial things when it comes to putting your baby in a schedule. However, I can’t speak for everyone. I can only speak for myself.

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And this is what I have to say. Placing Declan on a schedule was the best decision for me, for Declan, for my marriage and for everyone that comes in contact with me.

It is very good for your baby to have a routine. They know what to expect and it is so important for them.

I remember when Declan was only 3 months old, but he was already in a schedule. when getting close to his nap time I would look at him with those big eyes opened and think to myself. There is no way on earth this baby is going to sleep right now.

Even though I thought that I would still go ahead and put him on his crib and sure enough he would turn to his side and peacefully go to sleep.

WAIT WHAT?!?! Yes, he would go to sleep right away.

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The reason why having a night time or any routine for your baby is that they realize and get used to it. Declan barely cried and when I say barely I mean barely.

I took away the two biggest reasons why a baby cry. Hunger and tiredness. When you get your baby in a routine your going to realize that their biological clock gets used to what you are doing.

Therefore your baby realizes there is no need to warn you that he or she is tired or hungry. He knows that food and rest will come shortly.

Perfect now that you know why…

How to put a baby in a peaceful nighttime routine?

Be consistent

There are some things that should be done every day in the same order. Your baby will get used to those signs and know it is time to go to sleep.

If you are just starting to make sure that you don’t give up on the second day. Give this a try for at least a week.

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A lot of people told me that you should not give baby baths every day, but I am Brazilian and we love baths, so I will say that I give Declan baths almost every day. Unless we get home super late.

A bath will help calm your baby and get him ready for a good night of sleep.


I think it is hilarious but, every day before every nap or bedtime at night I sit on my rocking chair with Declan and the moment I put on the CD he puts his little fingers in his mouth and throws his little body into my arms. He knows that music means it is time to go to sleep.

It is the sweets moment. I cherish that every single day!

Put your baby in his crib awake

Even though I sit on my rocking chair with Declan every day before he falls asleep. I never let him sleep in my arms. I always put him tired, but awake in his crib.

This is very important because it will show him that he is capable of putting himself to sleep.

There are some rare days that Declan does not want to go to sleep no matter what I do, so I do hold him until he falls asleep. However, during those times I realize how hard it would be if that was my every day.

It is so hard and nerve-racking to walk to his crib as I pray to God that Declan will not wake up again. I could not imagine doing that every day and every time he needs to sleep.

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So this is what it looks like for our family

7:30 pm bath time
7:50 pm last feeding of the day
7:55 pm turn music on and rock him
8:00 pm crib

Your nighttime routine might not look exactly like mine. However, just make sure to be consistent with whatever you decide is best for your family. 

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