A few weeks ago I got a brand new water bottle. I was actually pretty excited because it was going to be perfect for when I run. The bottle had a straw which I prefer. for some reason drinking from a straw encourages me to drink more water.

I got home, washed my water bottle and immediately filled with water. I was pumped to try it.

I know you are probably thinking who gets that excited about water bottles?!

However, it was so disappointing when I started to try to suck the water from the straw their was more air coming than water.

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Bummer!!!! I knew that I could not keep that water bottle because if I kept trying to drink water from that I was starting to drink less and less water because of the huge amount of work I had to do and the little reward.

So, are you wondering yet how does my water bottle connects to your baby’s bottle nipple?!

Why should you switch your baby's bottle nipple?

Like me, if you give your baby a smaller nipple to drink from than what he needs he is going to start drinking less milk.

That is because the amount of work he is putting into sucking the milk out of the bottle is not bringing him enough reward.

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So, how do I know it is time to switch the nipple of my baby's bottle?

Not drinking the whole bottle

Like I said your baby is going to stop drinking the whole bottle of milk. Declan is currently drinking 8 ounces of milk per feeding.

However, when I had a smaller nipple I started to realize he was drinking 6 ounces than finally, he was only drinking 4 ounces per feeding.

As you can see, having a too small hole on the nipple of your baby’s bottle will encourage him to start snacking.

Signs of impatience

Your baby might start showing signs of impatience when he is drinking. For example, your baby might start curving his back and crying.

I think changing your baby’s bottle nipples is one of the most overlooked and yet most simple problems you are going to encounter as you bottle feed your baby.

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Is your baby getting too distracted during feedings? Don’t mistake when baby hit about 5 to 6 months they are very curious about the world.

Therefore, any little noise can make your baby stop drinking his bottle and try to find where does the noise come from.

However, if you are in a quiet place and your baby keeps turning his head around to look at nothing. Maybe he is bord due to the slow flow of milk.

Final thoughts

If you look at the nipple’s container you are going to notice that it says how old your baby should be when starting that nipple. Some say 3+, 6+ or 9+.

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Remember, this is a suggestion. Your baby might be ready for a change sooner than that or they might enjoy that suction longer than what it says.

Follow your babies directions on this.

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