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Hunter and I went on an all-inclusive trip this past week. When we started planning on this trip I knew I wanted to continue feeding Declan with breastmilk after we came back.

I planned on what I was going to do there to keep my milk supply up but also be able to enjoy my time over there.

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When I got to our hotel I realized my pump was broken. I am going, to be honest, I am not one to suffer for something out of my control.

Even though I was frustrated I realized that I was either going to have to dry my milk supply or I was going to have to hand express every time I needed to pump.

I was not about to ruin my vacation trying to hand express because I knew trying to hand express was only going to cause me to be more stressed out.

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So here is how you can safely dry up your milk supply

Be patient

It will take a while. It can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days depending on where you are at breastfeeding and how long you have breastfed for.

Space it out your pumping sessions

When I decided to dry my milk supply, I was pumping 4 times a day. For the first couple of days, I dropped one pumping session and then I dropped another one.

Do not empty your breast

As long as you keep emptying your breast you are going to keep producing milk.

However, use good discernment here. if you start feeling pain because of your breast being engorged empty it.

You don’t want to cause a duct to get clogged due to having too much milk.

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Hot shower

If your breast starts to get uncomfortable because of the milk take hot showers before pumping.

This will help with the letdown and will also minimize the pain and help with clogged ducts.

Final thoughts,

I have heard crazy things that people will use, eat or drink to help their milk supply dry. However, I want to let you know you don’t have to.

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Because I haven’t tried any other method I can’t tell you which one works faster, but I know doing these things really helped me dry my milk supply without causing any problems.

Always consult your Physician before trying anything new.

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