When I was younger my aunt got pregnant with her first child, I witness the whole pregnancy. However, I believe I did not have the whole story.

My aunt loved being pregnant. She thought she was the most beautiful women alive and she several times said that if she could remain pregnant forever she would.


I created this fantasy in my head that I was going to have the same kind of reaction to my pregnancy that my aunt had.

Unfortunately, that is NOT what happened.

Contrary to my aunt I felt ugly, fat and literally I felt horrible. I couldn’t wait for my pregnancy to be over.

As I look back I realize that the reason I had such a bad attitude during my pregnancy had everything to do with how I felt about myself.

I didn’t feel like my aunt, so pregnancy became a nightmare. However, I believe that if you know what to expect during your pregnancy and postpartum, things are going to feel a lot better.

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So here are some TRUTHS that nobody tells you about pregnancy and postpartum.

BE READY! I will be 100% honest.

It is worth it!

When I look at Declan I realize it was worth it, but during your pregnancy, a lot of times it will not feel that way.

Trapped gas.

My husband hates this words. One night I woke up with a lot of pain in my abdomen. It was so painful that I thought something was wrong.

I went to the bathroom because I didn’t want to wake my husband up and realized that all that pain was, was trapped gas.

I will not go into details about what happened in the bathroom, but you can imagine.

Therefore, be prepared! Things are going to happen to your body that you never thought was possible.

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I said I was going, to be honest. This is the ugly stuff about pregnancy. Hemorrhoid is not something that you will only have after having the baby.

A “friend” of mine had during her pregnancy and she says it hurts really bad. This can happen because of the pressure of the baby and also because of weight gain.


This one might be a little obvious, but you will swell a lot!

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Some things to know about postpartum

Sex Hurts

After my Dr cleared me to have sex with my husband again, I went home and thought everything was just going to be normal.

Actually, I thought that because I tried natural birth first ( I had a c-section) things were going to be easier.

WRONG! It hurt really bad and it was actually painful for months afterward. What really helped was when I started training for my 5k. I believe running helped strengthen my pelvic area.

A piece of advice as soon as you can start doing pelvic floor exercises do it! So that you don’t have to go through the same pain I did.

Weight loss is not easier

I have been sharing on my blog –things I have been doing to lose weight after having the baby and it has not been easy.

During my pregnancy, I heard a lot of people tell me that it was ok for me to eat as much as I wanted because once I was breastfeeding the weight would come right off.

That is not necessarily true. When I got pregnant my Dr told me that it was healthy for me to gain between 25 – 35 lb, anything above that was just extra weight I was gaining.

Well, I ended up gaining 65lb. I lost 35lb in the first 3 weeks so you might be thinking that was easy.

It was easy to lose the baby weight that is correct. However, all the extra weight I gained, the unnecessary weight I gained, that was very hard to lose.

It took me a little over 6 months to lose the other 30lb. It is hard to lose extra weight when you are breastfeeding because whatever you do differently to your diet will affect a little or a lot your milk supply.

My goal for my next pregnancy is to healthy and only gain 25lb.

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Final thoughts

Be prepared for changes in your body and even in your mind. Be prepared to not have a perfect pregnancy. Don’t compare yourself with other pregnant women. But also prepare yourself to the best adventure in your life.

It is crazy how much you can love a little person like this. It is amazing how much more you can love your husband just by watching him love your child.

Some things during pregnancy are not very attractive and not much fun. But the end result is worth every single uncomfortable moment.

Let me know in the comments what are some of the things you experienced during your pregnancy that no one told you about.

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