Co Sleeping – Why it is not for me

I am not writing this blog post with the intent to change anyone’s mind about co-sleeping. I am writing to inform parents that are trying to figure it out what is best for their families.

Story Time

When Declan was just a few weeks old he was still sleeping in our bedroom. We had him in the rock and play right next to me.

During the night I would wake up, get him and go to the nursery and feed him there. However, one night I was exhausted and without much thought, I decided to try to breastfeed him in bed and see how it went.

As I was breastfeeding I kind of fell asleep for literally a couple of seconds. THAT SCARED ME TO DEATH. I was so scared that I was going to fall asleep again and drop my baby that I never did that again.

I know that the comfort of my bed will make me want to sleep and I know that for me co-sleeping is dangerous because I move a lot.

Here are some of the reasons I decided that co-sleeping is NOT for me:

And I would like to suggest for you to take much consideration in each reason


Like I said before I move a lot and a huge fear I have is to turn and sleep on top of my baby. Mom, you might be thinking that it is not you because you are a light sleeper, but let me tell you-you are going to be very tired that even the lightest sleeper will become a heavier sleeper.

Not only you have to worry about yourself, but also your husband, pillows, and blankets in your bed can be dangerous to your baby.

Babies make lots of noises

Believe it or not, babies make lots of noises. When they are repositioning themselves or even just breathing they make noises.

Therefore, having your baby in bed (bedroom) with you will make even harder for you (tired mom) to get a good night of sleep.

For the longest time, I woke up to feed Declan because I thought the noises he was making was because he was hungry and came to find out that he wasn’t even awake.

Disrupt Intimacy

Quality time or intimacy with your spouse will be affected after having a baby. Both of you are going to be extra tired and you still have to take care of another human being all day long. However, co-sleeping will definitely decrease those times.

Like I said before babies make a lot of noises, so imagine trying to be intimate or have some quality time with your hubby and all of a sudden your baby starts to make noises.

Bad sleeping habits

By now you should be aware that I am all about good sleeping habits. Co-sleeping will create sleeping habits that will most likely carry on as the baby gets older.

A friend of mine shared with me that she had her son well sleep trained. However, due to her son getting sick she started to co-sleep. Years have gone by since this has happened and her son still need her in bed with him so that he can fall asleep.

Your bad sleeping habits

Mom, your baby can smell you from afar. If you get up because you need to go to the bathroom what could be a 2 minutes deal can turn into a 45 min feeding time.

Final thoughts

It always comes down to what the parents want and what they feel it is better for them. I will provide you with my opinion. However, whatever you chose if it is in the best interest of the child I believe it is valid.


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  • Casey

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve had to witness too many cosleeping deaths as a doctor . Thanks for presenting some reasonable thoughts about cosleeping.

  • Connie S Chambers

    You know what I always said about this. My son is in his 30’s now, but I promise you, he never slept in our bed or room. When my son was sick, I would go into his room with him, but never did we allow him to sleep in our bed. My son has had 2 sons now and both he has allowed to sleep in bed with he and his wife due to illness, being scared, them being tired, or one reason or another. Just for the reasons I “advised” him not to do, both his sons have difficulty going to sleep without sleeping in their bed first, or one of them sleeping with them (the child’s) in their beds to go to sleep. Thank you for this post, I agree totally!!!

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