When Declan was first born I breastfed him, but after breastfeeding I would pump. However, when Declan was 5 months I was worried that I was not producing enough so I decided to pump and bottle-feed him.

Declan got used to the bottle feeding and when I tried breastfeeding again he didn’t want it, so I had to go exclusively pumping.

When Declan turned 6 months I realized that unlike before I was producing exactly what he needed. I wasn’t able to save anything else and sometimes if Declan wanted to eat more than what he usually eats for some reason I wasn’t able to produce.

My fear of not producing enough had finally become true. I made a post about how to lose weight without losing your breast milk.

A huge part I missed from following my own advice was now that I had stopped breastfeeding, I was only pumping what I needed and that was it.

So my body started to read that I didn’t need to produce any more milk.

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So here are the things I did to get my milk supply back

Drink water

Again I can’t write enough about the importance of remaining hydrated when breastfeeding or pumping.

Pump more often

If you are breastfeeding and pumping or exclusively pumping the biggest advice I would give you to keep your milk supply high is pump often.

Pumping often means pumping more times than what your baby actually needs.

Don’t pump longer pump more often

I was pumping about 4 times a day for 30 min each I started pumping 8 times a day 15 min each.

This is why I highly recommend the freestyle pump. It will give you the freedom to continue doing your choirs while pumping.

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Don’t pump harder pump more often

Another mistake I made was to pump very hard. Your pump has several options at how hard you want to pump. Make sure you are not pumping too hard since that is actually not going to help and might hurt you.

I actually think that my breasts got used to how hard I was pumping and when my son would try to breastfeed he couldn’t suck at the same pressure causing the milk to take a lot longer to come out.

That is why he didn’t like breastfeeding anymore. It took too long to come out for him.

So make sure you are pumping how strong your baby is able to suck.

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Eat oatmeal

I think this is the worse thing a person can say to a breastfeeding mom. I think every mom is already tired of eating oatmeal, but this is very good for your milk supply.

Try different recipes.

Eat plenty of protein

It is so hard for us to actually eat how much protein our bodies need, but make sure that with every meal you eat, somehow you include protein.

Take a warm shower or place a hot towel on your breasts

I can’t even begin to describe how much of a difference this makes. It is huge!

Having your breast warm before pumping or breastfeeding will help tremendously with the letdown.

Eat lactation bites

On Pinterest, you will be able to find several kinds of lactation bites and those little things help tremendously. Just be careful they are packed with calories. So if your goal is to lose the baby weight you have to watch yourself.

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Look at a video or picture of your baby

When you pump especially if you have breastfed, your body will produce milk just by looking at your baby. The sound of your baby crying will produce a heavy letdown. So I have recorded a short video of Declan crying (he is too cute) so I watch it before pumping. That will help my body produce more milk and have a faster letdown. 

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