I think one of my biggest struggles with eating is eating sugary food.

I love sweets and honestly, sometimes it is hard to say no to.

That is why I have decided that I want to have my babies first year without any sugar. 

As I think about parenthood I feel like we do have to pick our battles and this is a battle I have decided to pick.

And trust me it will be a battle. One of the hardest parts of this is not battling your child since one of my points is they don’t even know any different. It will be battling other adults that don’t take your choices seriously enough. 

Here are some of the reasons why I have decided to go on a sugar-free for the first year of life for my baby. 

It is better for their health 

Studies have shown that feeding your baby too much sugar during the first couple of years of your babies life increases the chances of your child having diabetes. 

Not only that but excess sugar may also cause tooth decay.

And finally, too much sugar can depress immunity. 

They don’t know any different

Remember your child do not know any different. If you don’t give your baby that ice-cream he will not even know any different. 

Give them tastebuds

Your baby will be most likely inclined to like sugary foods. Therefore, I believe it is a good idea to allow them to learn about other foods and enjoy those before giving them those sweet treats.

Why? Let’s be honest your child will most likely want ice-cream over broccoli. However, it is a lot harder to eat broccoli if you don’t like it and it will be a lot harder to like broccoli if you already know how yummy ice cream tastes like. 

At the end I feel like giving sugary foods to your child is a battle in itself. 

You are giving them important tools

Give your baby a chance to enjoy other foods. Like I said before your baby will already be incline to like sweet. Giving them sugar at such a young age is like setting them up for failure.  In this area I mean since they are already going to tend to like chocolate and ice cream. 

Declan is my first born and maybe once I have a couple more children this might not be a battle I will choose to take on. 

However, as I enter parenthood I have learned that all I can do is my best and as of right now I have decided this is my best for him. 

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