First Long Car Ride With A Baby

This past week Hunter, Declan and I went to Pennsylvania it was an eight hours car ride (which we ended up making in nine and a half), and I have to say it was not bad at all. 

Declan was very content for the most of the car ride, besides once we were getting close to our destination he started to cry a little which I can’t blame the little guy for it. It was pretty tiring, and I can only imagine how he was feeling. 

However, as I said for the most of the trip, he was very happy and didn’t even cry. He did not sleep the whole trip which I was glad since once we got to Pennsylvania, we all went straight to bed.

So if you are wondering if it is possible to travel with a baby and have a stress free trip the answer is yes! 

Here are some of the things I did during this trip to make things comfortable for him.

Plan according to his nap

Declan takes a nap first at 8:30 am and then at 12:30 so when we planned to leave for the vacation we prepared to go around one of those times.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to leave in the middle of a nap. The baby will most likely wake up grouchy, and you are going to have a very loud trip.

Leaving right at the time of a nap will assure that the baby is tired and ready to go to sleep.

Plan stops according to feeding time

Because Declan is on a schedule, it is easy to know when he is going to need to eat, so we planned our stops according to his feeding schedule. Whenever were timed to feed and change diapers we also stopped to go to the bathroom and eat.

Pump as you go

I have realized that Declan eats way faster when he is bottle fed. So about 20 minutes prior to feeding time I would start pumping, so when we stopped I had his bottle ready.

This also helped because he didn’t spend most of the time eating and I could play with him as I ate.

In our car, we don’t have the outlet setting so I got an outlet converter (like this one).

Help baby by doing some stretches 

The same way you like to stretch during a long car ride, your baby will also appreciate. So whenever you make a stop if your baby is not walking yet make sure to stretch his little legs. 

Entertainment is key

A long trip can be very dull, so if you can get one of those portable DVD’s and play some movie for your baby (like this one) can be extremely helpful. 

Be patient and try not to rush

Remember that they are just a baby and if you don’t have a child that talks yet the only way they can communicate is by crying. So if your baby is crying be patient with them and talk to or play with them. 

If you see that it is getting hard for your baby to continue sitting on that car seat maybe it is time to make a quick stop and let the baby stretch a little.




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