How to lose weight while breastfeeding

If you haven’t read my 
weight loss journey click here, I go in full detail how I gained weight after moving to the US and when I got pregnant.

So I finally got down to my pre-baby weight. However, honestly, I am very proud of myself. It took me five long months to get to this point. However, I have been able to breastfeed my baby through this whole process and for me that is the most important. 

I heard so many people tell me that when you breastfeed, you can lose weight faster. I don’t know who came up with this, but I am pretty sure it was not a breastfeeding mom.

I felt so pressured to be able to lose that weight quickly. Because you know that is what happens when you are breastfeeding the weight come right off.

But in reality, it didn’t happen that fast for me, and I had to work hard.

Every time I change my diet my body for some reason would start producing less milk. As a mom, my priority wasn’t my body, but my babies food.

So I would like to warn every mom that has been accepting the lie that you can lose weight faster after your pregnancy. Pregnancy weight loss starts with you not gaining too much weight.

My Dr told me that 25 lbs to 35 lbs are the healthy amount of weight to gain and if I had listened to him I would’ve been back to my pre-baby weight way before but I didn’t, so it took me a long time to lose that baby weight.

But you are probably here to know how I lost my weight, not what I should’ve done not to gain so much weight.

Here are 6 things I did to help me lose weight without losing my liquid gold

Drink a lot of water

Remember that your liquid gold (breast milk) is mostly water, so by drinking a lot of water not only is going to be good for you to lose weight, but it will also help produce more milk. Read here about what I do to drink more water every day. 

Separate your carbs from fats

Have you ever heard about trim, healthy mama? If not let me tell you it is a great concept that will help you change your mind in how you eat and will help you lose weight.

So their main foundation is on the fact that your body burns the carbs first and only after consuming the carbs that will go to the fats. So when you eat both together most of the time your body doesn’t even make it to the fat, so you store all that fat.

Eat healthy fats

Avocado is an excellent source of fat. Therefore, it will help you stay sustained for longer. And I have found that it does help me to produce more milk.

Eat Whole Grains

Carbs can be dangerous, but good carbs will help you lose the weight you need and not lose your milk. Oatmeal is one of the best things you can eat while breastfeeding.

But don’t eat too many carbs at night

I have found that for me not eating carbs at all after 6 pm is best for me. I feel like I am losing weight faster, but I am not starving myself.

This is just a little modification you can do to lose more weight.


Don’t overdo on this one. Start by walking and once you start seeing that your body can handle more add to your workouts. I am now training for a 5k, and I am so excited I am going to post next about what I am doing to be able to go from walking to running.

Also, I am doing 21 days fix from beach body and I absolutely love it. I believe it is a great place to start if you haven’t worked out for a long time. 

And if you don’t have a beach body coach I have just the right girl for you. She is super sweet and encouraging. Click here to check her Instagram. (Make sure you follow her)

It took some time for me to get here. Actually, it took more than what I wanted, but I am thrilled with my accomplishment, and I know that if I did it, you can do it too.

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