Father’s Day Gifts Idea

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. For some reason most of the time I never know what to give Hunter. I will just be honest I am not the best gift giver. Besides we are adults so usually if we really want or need something, we can buy it without having to ask somebody else, if we are allowed.

Here are my 10 Favorite gifts for dads

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Just so that you guys know my husband helped me with this list, so you are going to understand number 7.

  • Tools

I don’t know why but whenever in doubt I can always get my husband new tools, and I know it will be a hit. And Amazon has up to 30% off of tools for Father’s Day. 


  • Grill

This is the number one gift for Father’s day.


  • Electronic Smoker

If your husband or dad loves grilling. Maybe it is time to upgrade. Get this electric smoker, and I know it will be a success.


  • Amazon Prime

If you don’t have amazon prime yet, you are missing a lot of great deals. Give dad, your husband or any father in your family the gift of amazon prime, and they will have access to the best online shopping for a whole year. So it is like a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Echo

If you don’t know yet I am an Amazon fan. We gave this to my father in law for Christmas, and he absolutely loved. I know the men in your life will too.

  • Wallet

This is one of those things that I feel no men want to spend money on, but they desperately need a new one.

  • Yeti

If you think none of those gifts are good enough. A good coffee mug is the way to go. My husband loves his Yeti. It keeps the coffee nice and warm for a long time.

  • Lingerie

Do I have to say anything else? I chose not to link anything to this one. lol

  • Nutri bullet

Is your husband/ dad trying to have a healthier lifestyle? This is it. This smart blender connects to his phone so that he knows how much of fruit, veggies or yogurt he needs to put to have a more complete diet.

  • Watch

Smartwatch or just a regular watch is always a safe way to go.


Thank you so much for reading my list of the 10 best gifts to give on Father’s day. I hope that I am able to help you find something to surprise the men in your life.

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