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4 Moms Pack and Play (Review)

Let’s talk Pack and Play. (click here)

If you read my post on the ten babies must-haves (click here if you want to read), you probably noticed something. There was no pack and play on that list. If you are a mom, you probably thought I was crazy for not putting a Pack and Play in there.

The reason why I didn’t have the pack and play in my list of ten babies must-haves is that I didn’t have one when I wrote it.

As I am writing these blogs posts, I really want to keep to things I have and not things I wish I had or heard other people liked.

However, now I have a pack and play, and I love it. I would even say that if you have a small house or if you are trying to cut back a little on expenses. It is worth to me having a Pack and Play instead of a crib. I will say that once the baby starts to grow, he/she might need a bed sooner because he/she might be able to climb off of the pack and play.

Reasons why I love the Pack and Play

Nap Time

One of the big reasons I like the pack and play is no matter where you go your baby has a place to take a nap. If you go to friends house and your friends don’t have kids, you can put your baby in the pack and play for a nap.

Contained play time

I have read some articles that suggest that it is good to teach your baby to play for a couple of hours in a contained area so that they can learn the skill of being content even in tight spaces.

Like I said if you go to a friends house that doesn’t have babies at least for me I feel like I should not expect them to change the whole set of their home to accommodate my child and me.

So teaching the baby to be content in a smaller place can be a constructive thing.

Cleaning Time

Sometimes you have to get stuff done in your home. I don’t know about you, but since having Declan I still have a house to clean, laundry to get done and dishes to wash. Who knew?

Therefore, a Pack and Play can be beneficial especially if you have a baby that it is crawling. During this times you can actually help you baby learn the skill I told you before.

Not so great things about a Pack and Play

Opening and Closing

The only complaint I have about the Pack and Play is that it can be tough to open and close. It is actually a hassle. It is very annoying when you cannot open and close the Pack and Play because one of the sides are not being cooperative.



So are all Pack and Plays like that?

Thank you Lord (literally), but no!

I do want to tell you about this awesome Pack and Play I just got. It is the four moms Pack and Play. I am all in for easy. However, one of the big downfalls of the pack and play is when you open and close. It is so hard to maneuver, and it is very annoying.

That is why I am so in love with this new Pack and Play from 4 moms (click here). With the press of a bottom, your Pack and Play opens and with the pull of a cord it closes. It is so easy!!! It is all you could ever ask for in a Pack and Play.

I just have recently gotten mine, and I love it. Not only it is easy to open and close, but it is also made with great material. I am planning on having more kids in the future. Therefore, I have been trying to buy great quality products that will last me a while. This is it!

I would have to say the only downside is that this pack and play is expensive. I have been looking everywhere for one of this, but I didn’t want to pay the full price.

Luckily enough I was able to buy in a store called why pay retail in Warsaw Indiana for less than half of the price. And I still got a brand new one.

My conclusion is, I love the 4 moms pack and play (click here) , so if you can afford it or if you can find one at a more affordable price,  do not waste your time and get it. This specifically Pack and Play is better due to the easy way to handle. However, if you are not able to get your hands in one, I would still recommend a Pack and Play.


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