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A love story to remember

I want to share with you about one of my favorite topics, my husband. I can talk about this amazing man for hours. So I wanted to share with you how I met him.

In 2011 I went to a Bible institute called Word of Life in Pottersville, New York. The year before I went there my sister attended that school, and when it was my turn, my sister warned me: If I did not find the one (my prince charm) before Christmas, I would not find him there. Word of Life is known for their matching skills. Some people call it the bridal institute. No joke if you want to get married go to Word of life.

I got to Word of Life in August, so I knew I only had a couple of months to find the one. Christmas rolled around, and I had not found anyone. It was too late. I had missed the deadline. I decided that was fine and I was going to focus on what I was there for, which was learn the Word of God.

When I went back to WOLBI (Word of Life Bible Institute), my group of friends (Bia and Melissa) started to hang out with this other group of people. Rabbit trail for a little bit. I am not a very social person. In all honesty, I can be pretty awkward. I don’t know how to communicate with people, and that is why my group of friends were only two people. They were also Brazilian, so basically we were forced to be friends. I am glad we did because we became great friends.

I am just going to go a little further with my rabbit trail. This is how awkward I am when my husband and I started to “talk” he would tell me to ask the first question that came to my mind. Sadly the only question I could think of was “what is your favorite color?” I ALREADY KNEW HIS FAVORITE COLOR.

Anyways, when we started to hang out with the other group, I notice this handsome guy. The only problem was he was too social for me. Hunter can talk to a wall if necessary and he tries to be funny about everything. I remember one day I was sitting in the cafeteria just minding my own business when he and another guy approached me and told me I needed to read more Proverbs 31 because I needed to become more like her.

I used to be a person that took everything literally, so of course, that devastated me. I took it so seriously. It broke my heart and at the same time made me so mad. Who do they think they are to come up to me and say such a thing? That is horrible. After this incident, I was pretty upset with my now husband. We were not even friends for them to think it was ok to say that to me.

Not too long after that Bia, Melissa and I were hanging out in the cafeteria and Hunter approached and started talking to us. I realized that not only he was cute, but he was pretty nice too. After a few days, we started to hang out a little more; then we started to hang out just the two of us. By that time I was totally in. I was praying that God would help me with my feeling and not allow me to date him if he was not the one I was going to marry.

My friend Bia started to realize I was falling for him, so she decided it was time for her to talk to him and see where he was planning to go with this relationship. She went to him and straight up said that if he was not interested to back off, but he told her that he was interested. YAY!!! So she told him, he needed to talk to me about that. Brazilians don’t play around. We are pretty straightforward especially when a friend of ours is involved. That’s when he invited me to go to the coffee shop known as the lounge and asked me if he could pursue me. Of course, I said yes.

A couple of months later he went to Brazil for a missions trip and asked my parents if he could date me. Ok, so let me tell you how crazy this is. God works in amazing ways. My husband was in his second year at WOLBI when I was in my first. During the second year, you have to pick a Country that you want to go for Missions Trip. However, you have to make that decision before Christmas.

Before Hunter and I started even to “talk” he chose to go to the country I am from. But to make things even crazier, the group that goes to Brazil don’t always go to the same spot. They rotate from two different locations in Brazil one up north and the other one towards the south. THAT YEAR THEY WERE GOING TO THE SOUTH. And guess what?!? They were going to stay in a place that was 20 min from my house. Do you think that was God or not? I will answer it was definitely God!!!!!!!! He met my parents at my house and asked them if he could date me. He is a real gentleman. Girls, do not settle for someone who does not have the courage to talk to your parents and ask them if they allow him to date you.

When he came back from the missions trip, he took me on a walk. He gave me a letter for each day he was in Brazil and on the last letter it said to look at him and that is when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I know I am pretty lucky to be married to this man. When you place your heart in the hands of the one who created you that is the kind of love story He can write. I knew I was going to marry Hunter from the day he started to pursue me. I am beyond blessed to have fallen in love with a real man, with a man who is willing walk an extra mile for me.

I do want to clarify something I would like to blame my awkwardness on my English, and if you are wondering if I asked Hunter what his favorite color was, the answer is no. I am awkward, not dumb. Lol

I hope you enjoyed knowing how I met my husband. Let me know in the comment section how you met your spouse.


  • Emily

    I love your story! Its beautiful to see how God brings people together! My husband is from Venezuela and we met when I was there on an extended mission trip. We’ve been married 10 years. Good luck to you!

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