Water! Water! Water!

This is going to be a fast and easy post, and I hope it will be super helpful too.

When trying to get healthy one of the first things, I hear is: DRINK MORE WATER. That is because water is extremely important and beneficial for your health and weight loss. However, for a long time, I was struggling with drinking my water goal. I bought a 24 oz purple with a straw bottle of water to help me stay hydrated, but for some reason, I was still not meeting my goal (my goal is five bottles a day).

What I did to help keep myself accountable was: I have to drink a bottle of water before every time I feed Declan. By putting a time frame on each bottle helped me remember how many bottles I have drunk and also help me not give myself any excuses. So if it is time to feed Declan and I have not drunk any water, I have to drink the whole bottle right there and hope I can feed Declan without having to go to the bathroom too bad.

I hope this gives you an idea of how you can drink more water and also encourages you to do so.

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