Helping my baby sleep at night

When I got home from the hospital, reality finally hit me. I just had a baby, and now I have to teach him everything. Literally, everything! I didn’t know that one of the things I have to teach him is to sleep at night and not during the day. Doesn’t he know that? I thought babies slept, ate and poop. That is what my Dr. and everyone else in the world told me. However, that was NOT what my baby was doing. Yeah, during the day he slept, ate and poop, but at night he wanted to stay awake. Why nobody told me that?!?! So, Pinterest became my best friend. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I looked for ways to help my baby sleep at night. You might be thinking I am selfish and you are absolutely right. I am selfish, and I wanted to sleep when everybody else was sleeping. But this little bundle of joy had other plans for me. Not for long thou!

Here are my best tips on how I helped my baby figure it out that we sleep at night:

NEVER let your baby sleep more than 3 hours during the day. 

I know that you probably want to allow your baby sleep because you want to relax too but trust me on this one. It will only take a couple of days before you see the results.

Don’t let your baby stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time during the day. 

I might be making you a little confused, but let me explain. When your baby stays awake for an extended period of time without sleeping, he/she will become fatigued and make things harder for baby to take a nap. A fatigued baby is never a good thing for a tired mom. So do not even think about trying to make your baby stay awake for hours so that he/she can sleep at night because that will not work.

Feed your baby EVERY two hours during the day.(Please don’t quit reading!) I know you are tired and want to sleep, but the only way you can make your baby tired without letting him get too tired is by feeding him. So make sure that your baby is waking up for the feeding and then you can help him go back to sleep.

Start and end your day consistently.One of my biggest mistakes was this one. Whenever Declan would wake up close to 7 am I would let him go back to sleep and sleep as long as he wanted then I would try to get him back into a schedule. If you start your day with your baby every day at 7 am do it every single day. That will help your baby’s body figure it out that he can hold a little longer.

Let your baby sleep as long as they can at night without getting baby up.(Only do this one after a few weeks, if your baby is only a couple of weeks old allow him to sleep at least 3 hours at a time and then get him up to feed.) Also, I am not a Dr. I am just sharing what worked for me. Always contact your pediatrician for medical help.

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. What are some of your tips to help your baby sleep?

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