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    10 Baby Must Haves

    The moment you announce your pregnancy you get tons of people coming to you to let you know what you should be buying for your baby. Some are great ideas, and some are plain waste of money. Some you have to buy the best and some you can get away with buying the cheapest one. But what do we really need when having a baby? I would say that if you have a car seat, diaper/ wipes and some clothes you can succeed in parenting. However, parenting can be extremely hard and tiring, so I decided to make a list of the ten baby must-haves. Do not feel like you…

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    Ways Dad Can Help When Newborn Arrives

    Most likely the person reading this blog post is a mom, so I do want to talk to you first. However, if you are a dad I want to congratulate you for looking for ways to help your beloved wife during this exhausting time. If you are a dad, you can go ahead and skip down to the bullet points. If you are the mom, let me talk to you for a bit. When Declan arrived for some reason, I wanted to do EVERYTHING. I don’t even know why. Maybe it was my pride?? My hormones (let’s blame the hormones somehow, they are always involved)?? I don’t know. What I…

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    For Such A Mom As This

    Let me tell you a little about why I chose to name my blog For Such A Mom As This…  I don’t know about you, but many times I have thought to myself that I was born during the wrong period. I have an old soul, and sometimes I wish I had been born a long time ago. I love when I watch those older movies and see those beautiful dresses. I always imagine how it would’ve been if I had been born back then.  Now that I became a mom I still feel that way sometimes, but for different reasons. When I look at Declan, I see a pure…

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    Churchgoer or church builder?

    Recently I have been very convicted about something. Yes, you know what it is. Am I a churchgoer or a church builder? If you start regularly attending church, you are going to notice something; most people that are serving in the church, serve in more than one ministry. Why is that? Ok, so you might be thinking that is a good thing, but in reality, it isn’t. If everyone in our church served in a small way, there would be no ministry left unattended, but instead, we are putting all the weight on a tiny percentage of our church family. When I started thinking about this, God began to put…

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    Beauty out of ashes

    It was about two years ago that my husband and I first found out we were pregnant with our first baby. Everything was going perfect, two of my sister in law was also expecting, so I was so excited for our babies to grow together. I remember being so excited and already making plans for this little baby that was coming into our lives to make things even more complete. I remember praying giving this baby’s life to the Lord and ultimately trusting that God was going to take care of this beautiful baby and me. However, God broke my trust. At twelve weeks I started cramping and bleeding I…

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    Water! Water! Water!

    This is going to be a fast and easy post, and I hope it will be super helpful too. When trying to get healthy one of the first things, I hear is: DRINK MORE WATER. That is because water is extremely important and beneficial for your health and weight loss. However, for a long time, I was struggling with drinking my water goal. I bought a 24 oz purple with a straw bottle of water to help me stay hydrated, but for some reason, I was still not meeting my goal (my goal is five bottles a day). What I did to help keep myself accountable was: I have to…

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    From rock and play to crib

    When I found out I was pregnant, one of my biggest goals was to have Declan sleep in his crib from day one, as you can imagine that did not happen otherwise this post wouldn’t be called from rock and play to crib. When I was still at the hospital one night, Declan started to cough like if he was chocking. That freaked me out as you can imagine! So from day one he was sleeping in my bedroom in a rock and play. You got to love the rock and play until your baby doesn’t fit any longer and you have to put him in his crib. The rock…

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    Nipple Shield (REVIEW)

    When I had Declan, the first thing I wanted to do was breastfeed. I knew I was going to breastfeed from the beginning; however, Declan was a little sleepy and wouldn’t latch. That’s when my nurse introduced me to the nipple protector. Amazing benefits for Nipple shield: Helps the baby latch the super fast, easy and stress-free. For moms with inverted or flat nipples this is a lifesaver. This will help the baby get used to the texture of the silicone making it easier to latch on the bottle later on. If your nipples are sore or cracked due to breastfeeding, you should have one of these. Cons: You must…

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    Helping my baby sleep at night

    When I got home from the hospital, reality finally hit me. I just had a baby, and now I have to teach him everything. Literally, everything! I didn’t know that one of the things I have to teach him is to sleep at night and not during the day. Doesn’t he know that? I thought babies slept, ate and poop. That is what my Dr. and everyone else in the world told me. However, that was NOT what my baby was doing. Yeah, during the day he slept, ate and poop, but at night he wanted to stay awake. Why nobody told me that?!?! So, Pinterest became my best friend.…

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